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    The Up All-Nighters, are the best rock'n'roll band to ever come out of Columbus

    We agree with this it here:


    Let us spoil it for you a bit:

    "Now, I have been waiting my entire adult life to write the following words and didn't know it until Friday the 13th: the next band, The Up All-Nighters, are the best rock'n'roll band to ever come out of Columbus. But a trio, led by a singer/guitarist down with the flu, they only played four or five songs and, my brothers and sisters, they had me standing on my chair. They were the Dolls and the Pistols and Nirvana and the Stones rolled up into one very hard-rollicking, ballsy, fun, furious threesome led by a lovable loudmouth who withered his inflamed nodes as if he were Indeed The Son Of Axl. I fell in love very, very hard, very, very quickly. Oh, they were so unreasonable." -as told by John Petric of Columbus Free Press


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    The Up All Nights are featured on a podcast!

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    ALSO, below is the line-up for the upcoming Park Street Festival (June 12th/13th):


    The Up All Nights wake up rocknroll

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    Feb 10th! Show at Woodlands Tavern w/ Brick + Mortar

    Come see the nights play Feb 10th @ Woodlands Tavern!



    NEW MUSIC VIDEO!!!  Sunsets!


    Now that you've watched the video, come see them live!!!!